Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1 Month Old!

I really love the one-month birthday. It's right when babies are getting the hang of this whole living out of the womb thing and they're really starting to get a personality. Molly is such a sweet girl, we love her so much. She can't quite get the hang of eating sometimes, and Beth feels like baby puke is a constant accessory, but she will learn! She has her fussy moments, but overall is just so darn cute we can't even judge :)

We went to the doctor today and Molly is in the 97th percentile for weight, 90th for height and 70th for head size. That's right about where Gavin was at his one-month, so looks like she'll be a big girl like her big bro. She is perfectly healthy, but is getting on baby Zantac for all of the spitting she's doing. Hopefully it'll help the poor girl keep her food down (because clearly she's wasting away!).

Molly's First 4 Weeks

When Molly was about a week old, we decided to brave the cold and take Gavin and her on a walk to the park. Gavin had a blast, and she was nice and content. It was awfully nice to get out of the house!

This is Gavin's new face, the "funny face". He makes it on command and thinks he's pretty darn awesome at it. He's such a ham lately, I love it!

We brought his Tow Mater to the park so he could race around because he does NOT understand how to use the steering wheel yet and therefore can only go like 10 feet maximum inside our house. He'll get the hang of it soon. He is absolutely obsessed with the movie Cars right now, and Mater is his favorite. He says "Mayah!" every morning when he sees his car! It's so CUTE!

Gavin helping me feed the baby... such a good boy and he looks so innocent!
... until he gets busted for yanking the baby's ear. I seriously just saw that as I was going through these pictures in bigger form on the computer. Too funny!

 Two weeks old...

She looks SO MUCH like baby pictures of me (Beth) when I was little, it's crazy.

She likes the bouncer okay, but will only sit in it for about 10 minutes before getting antsy and then crying. Luckily we have a swing too, which is Beth's sanity right now!

Auntie Deb comes to visit!!! We love that she comes to visit our babies - she's just the BEST!

So this outfit is adorable, and I thought a red blanket background would be cool, but the lighting and her mood made for some really awful pictures. I'm not sure how fast she'll outgrow this top, so I thought I'd at least post one pic...

3 weeks - Mommy decided to get some naked bum shots :)

So cute and wrinkly!

4 weeks old - she's getting so big!

This is her first time in the crib. She tracked the mobile for a bit, but then she got bored. She was waving her arms and legs around like crazy though, it was funny. She seemed pretty pumped to be in her own bed (and maybe excited to get a change in scenery, since it feels like we are entombed in the living room right now!).

She LOVED her glowworm. It has such a cool glow and plays beautiful classical music. LOVE IT!

I think this one is my favorite. She's all aglow from the glow worm. 

You can see how much she's filled out in her bathtub pics. I love those chunky thighs!!!

This is another one of my favorites. She's so serene and the outfit is awesome.

Molly's Newborn Photos

We were lucky enough to have Johanna take Molly's newborn photos and she did a FABULOUS job! Molly wasn't very cooperative - she was really hungry and fussy during the shoot - but somehow Johanna managed to get some really amazing shots. I honestly have no clue how she did it. When I try to do photo shoots with Molly, I get 5 pictures of her screaming and 1 that is maaaaybe usable. Johanna is super talented and has the patience of a flipping SAINT.

Miss Molly Makes Her Arrival!